Saddle Fitting

Saddles are among the most unique and unusual pieces of sporting equipment. They must work for not one, but two athletes, and a correct fit is of basic importance for any horse and rider, from Olympian to trail rider.

Since the early 2000s, MSA trained saddle fitter Shirley Fargason has been practicing the science of providing riders the security they need to succeed in their chosen disciplines.

If you experience any of the following, they may be signs of an improperly fitting saddle:

  • shifting from side to side
  • sliding towards horse’s neck
  • pad being pushed out the back of saddle
  • pommel touching horse’s withers
  • white hairs beginning to appear where the saddle touches
  • soreness issues in horse’s back

If you or your trainer are unsure about your saddle’s fit, we hope you will call or text Shirley at:

(770) 894-9730